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Best Selling Electric Scooters in India 2022

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In India, there are several types of electric scooters available, including some that do not even require a driver’s licence to operate. This list includes electric scooters that can meet the daily needs of the average scooter user in India. We’ve also included electric scooters at various price points so you can find one that fits your needs.

1.Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is yet another premium electric scooter with a modern design and features. It has a large 7-inch LCD dashboard for navigation, music playback, and even accepting or rejecting calls. It has an 80 km/h top speed and can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.3 seconds. The Ather 450X also has a comfortable range of 118 kilometres.

The scooter also has an IP67 water-resistant aluminium cast for the battery, a centrally mounted mono-shock suspension system, two-disc brakes, reverse assist, in-built auto cut-off & surge protection, and other features. However, the scooter is not cheap. In Mumbai, it costs Rs 1.29 lakh (ex-showroom, after subsidies).


2. OLA S1 Pro

The OLA S1 Pro electric motor is optimized to produce 8.5kW of peak power and 58Nm of peak torque. The company claims a top speed of 115kmph and a range of 181km on a single charge. The 3.97kWh battery pack can be fast charged in 18 minutes for a range of 75km. The total charging time is six and a half hours.

A twin-pod headlight at the front, apron-mounted sleek LED indicators, a body-colored front fender, curvy side panels, a sleek LED taillight, an external charging port at the back, and a split-style pillion grabrail are among the features. The scooter has a 36-litre under-seat storage compartment that can hold two open-face helmets. The colour scheme for the Pro variant includes 10 options.


3. Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak was once one of the most prominent and popular scooter brands, and the company is bringing it back in electric form. The scooter’s design is a beautiful combination of its old heritage and new modern aesthetics. In terms of specifications, it has a range of 90 kilometres and a battery life of 70,000 kilometres, or 7 years.

The battery has a quick charging feature that allows it to charge up to 25% in an hour, with a full charge taking 5 hours. Its steel body is built to last and is water and dust resistant to IP67 standards. Although there is no doubt that it is a premium scooter, the ex-showroom price of Rs 1,41,400 is a little hard to swallow.


4. TVS iQube

TVS, one of India’s most recognisable two-wheeler brands, has entered the electric scooter market. The iQube S scooter is powered by three Li-ion battery packs housed in a dust and water resistant aluminium casing and comes with a three-year/50,000-kilometer warranty.

The TVS iQube S electric scooter also has 100km of range, 78kmph, a large dashboard, backward and forward park assist, gorgeous all-LED tail lamps, a USB-charging port for smartphones, and plenty of storage space. The scooter is available for booking for Rs 999, with an ex-showroom price (Delhi) starting at Rs 1.08 lakh.


5. Bounce Infinity E1

The Bounce Infinity E1 is priced at Rs 68,999 (ex-showroom Delhi) in India, but you can get it for as little as Rs 36,099 with the company’s Battery-as-a-service aka BAAS plans. The plans have a monthly subscription fee of Rs 849 and a swappable battery option for Rs 35 per swap. This reduces the effective price of the Bounce Infinity E1 per kilometre to Rs 0.65.

The Bounce Infinity E1 has a single-charge range of up to 85km and a top speed of 65kmph. Drag, Eco, and Power are the three driving modes. In addition, the electric scooter comes with a 2kWh 48V battery pack that is IP 67 rated and can be swapped out and charged anywhere. It supports a regenerative braking energy re-cooperation system as well. The scooter touts 12-inch tubeless tyres with disc brake and CBS.

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