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Bringing the EV Ecosystem to life.

Our Industry leading solutions that cover the entire vehicle lifecycle.

At EVZEE, we provide a variety of EV fleet solutions that include Vehicles, Charging Solutions, Software and Maintainence all bundled into a single payment.


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The EVZEE Ecosystem

When we first began, we electrified more than just automobiles; we electrified minds. To make electric vehicle charging convenient, we have constructed the EV infrastructure.

We continue to build the charging infrastructure necessary to satisfy the expanding needs of EV drivers thanks to industry-leading technology and a wide network of public charging stations. With its wide range of products, EVZEE offers the most cutting-edge technology available. We are advancing the sector with our creativity and enthusiasm.

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What we want to do?

Our mission is to make India’s transport sector carbon neutral

Our mission is to reduce the transport sector’s impact on the environment. Everyone needs to embrace electric mobility in order to lessen the environmental impact of transportation. Businesses are essential to achieving this. Thousands of forward-thinking enterprises all around the world have adopted electric mobility and achieved their objectives thanks to our electric vehicle charging solutions.Together, we can create a more beneficial future for everyone in terms of transportation.

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250+ Charging Touchpoints

We are building a robust charging infrastructure all over the country so that people don’t suffer from range anxiety. Our charging stations are safe and easy to use. Explore our points below.

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Other services we provide

At EVZEE, we are focussed on three main verticals of business

We provide DC Fast Charging Stations, AC Charging Stations and also EV Charging station software and management tools.

We provide E-vehicles on a lease to cater to your company logistic also reducing company overheads.

We have partnered with various municipal corporations to help the youth find employment with the help of our E-vehicles.

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