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Feel free to contact us regarding any information about the services we offer.
We will contact you back within 24hrs via email.


You can download the EVZEE App via Google Playstore (Andriod) and Appstore(IOS)

Download the EVZEE Rider app from the playstore/applestore and register yourself or visit our Rojgaar Kendra

Your earning potential will depend on the job you choose, but you can expect earning approximately upto 3000 per day.

You can find the nearest EVZEE Charging station via Google Maps or the EVZEE App.

The minimum lock-in period for the leasing plans are 18 months.

Please write to us on rahul@evzee.in with all your details and we will get back to you shortly.

At EVZEE, we provide AC fast charging and DC fast charging.

Yes, we have 100KW DC superfast chargers.

Yes we do provide 5A and 15A, plug points for charging.

Yes, all electric vehicles, be it a 2W,3W or a 4W can be charged at our stations.

Based on the time duration and the power output by our charger, the bill will be generated.

The charging time will vary depending upon the battery capacity and the type of charger used for charging.