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8 Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Businesses

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1. Increase customers

EV drivers may need to pause for a few hours to recharge their vehicles. Businesses can increase footfall with this audience by installing an EV charger.


2. Put your business on the map

EV users use apps like Google Maps to find charging stations, and if you like, your company can be mentioned publicly. EV drivers stopping by to charge will probably look around your company’s offerings while they have some free time.


3. Offer something different from what your rivals

Many people who shop in person bring their car. It’s likely that many EV drivers will want the option of charging while they shop. Offering charge points may therefore cause customers to choose you over business rivals. And it’s getting more and more crucial to deliver a great shopping experience as many companies are trying to compete with online alternatives.


4. Boost customer connections

Drivers can connect with a business using smart EV charging if they stop by to charge, which enables businesses to learn more about their customers and even share deals and offers, which increases the possibility that customers will return.


5. Reduce your carbon footprint to support a green business initiative.

For the third year in a row, the average CO2 emissions of cars sold in India increased in 2022. Government data also reveals that 34% of the India’s CO2 emissions were linked to transportation, with cars making up the majority. To promote widespread EV use, a significant cross-industry effort is needed if India is to meet its net zero aim by 2050. It’s crucial to be aware of the strict surveillance placed on how businesses support such efforts.


6. Support your brand’s values and CSR commitments.

If your brand or CSR policies are centred on sustainability and green business initiatives, the lack of EV infrastructure will almost certainly undermine such efforts, resulting in a loss of brand trust.


7. Gain and maintain customers and employees

Having an EV infrastructure in place demonstrates a proactive approach to innovation and a modern culture – and may make a difference in attracting and retaining top talent. If you are able to electrify your fleet, the government has now introduced tax breaks for employees who use corporate EVs for personal use – a fantastic benefit for both new and existing employees.


8. Change is on its way, and it pays to be prepared.

With the implementation of low and ultra-low emission zones, as well as an upcoming ban on new diesel and gasoline vehicles and vans the pressure on businesses to upgrade their fleet is increasing. With the EV market expanding, widespread adoption and the expectation of charging provisions in workplaces as standard are not far away. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by being ahead of the curve, and they can currently take advantage of existing workplace grant schemes for installing charge points or purchasing specific new EVs for their fleet.

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