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5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car

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Now that you’ve decided to purchase an electric vehicle, the next step is to select the best EV for your needs. Several factors influence your decision. Purchasing an electric vehicle is not as simple as purchasing a conventional gasoline or diesel vehicle. Consider the following factors before purchasing an electric vehicle:

1. Price

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, but they are not cheap! Electric cars are more expensive than conventional counterparts due to the complex electric drivetrain and expensive battery packs. Even a small electric hatchback car can set you back more than Rs. 6 lakh. So, before purchasing an electric vehicle, consider your budget.

2. Incentives And Tax Benefits

The government’s incentives and tax breaks can help to lower the overall cost of electric vehicles. So, if you buy an eco-friendly vehicle, make sure to check the exact percentage of incentive and tax benefits you will receive. The Indian government also provides some advantages, such as reduced service tax (GST), which lowers the cost of an electric vehicle.

3. Software Updates

Electric vehicles have complex powertrains and advanced technology, and manufacturers frequently improve the electric cars with the latest technology by releasing software updates. So, after purchasing an EV, make certain that you receive regular software updates. Some manufacturers provide free software updates on a regular basis, while others charge owners for the updates. So, when purchasing an electric vehicle, make an informed decision.

4. Specifications

Electric vehicles are equipped with a variety of electric motors and battery packs of varying capacities. You must select an electric vehicle with specifications that meet your needs. Driving an underpowered electric vehicle can be upsetting. Before purchasing an electric vehicle, thoroughly research its technical specifications.

5. Driving Range

The driving range is an important consideration when purchasing an electric vehicle. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s stated driving range. Instead, look for real-world reviews to get an idea of the EV’s driving range in real-world conditions. An electric car should typically have a driving range of more than 100 kilometres, which is sufficient for daily commutes. High-end electric vehicles can even travel over 400 kilometres.

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